Tata Capital share price

Look no further if you want to know how Tata Capital is going digital using an AI-powered chatbot facility. TCL, or Tata Capital Limited, is the financial arm of the Tata Group, the only value-based corporation in India that has earned the trust of millions of people. With India becoming the most populated country, Tata Capital taps its huge borrowing potential to be a luminary of versatility, trust, and innovation. To better service its customers who borrow money at low-interest rates and facilitate their repayment, it is going digital continuously. Tata Capital launched the “myLoan” app, “myScore”, and chatbot facilities for loan seekers to apply from their mobile in 2017. It continues its digital journey by successfully offering an AI-powered chat facility in August 2023 and increasing Tata Capital share price in the unlisted market.

So, check out how Tata Capital has gone digital in recent years and offering an AI-powered chatbot facility in 2023, helping customers and growing its business to see a rapid rise in Tata Capital’s unlisted share price. 

Timeline of Tata Capital Going Digital

India has a vast ecosystem of financial services, of which Tata Capital is only in the third position after Bajaj Finance and Bajaj Financial Services in terms of market capitalisation. Also, being part of the Tata conglomerate since 1868, it has been trusted by the people for over 156 years. It is why RBI requires it to come out with an IPO before September 2025 for investors to yield high returns buying Tata Capital share price NSE. Also, Tata Capital is a financial institution and a comprehensive service and solution provider standing as a luminary of versatility, trust and innovation. Hence, it updates its services to the digital world with many measures, including the following timeline. 

  • In March 2017, Tata Capital launched its myLoan mobile app. It uses machine learning to process loan applications using sophisticated algorithms to service its tech-savvy millennials to apply for loans easily, quickly and safely. 
  • At the same time launching myLoan, it also found myScore, which enables linking the applicant’s social media platforms to assess the social standing of youngsters who have yet to take loans so far to become eligible for them.
  • In June 2017, 
  • Tata Capital launched a Robotic Automation bot for customers to fill out personal loan applications in an accessible chat-based format to get instant eligibility quotes rather than lengthy forms that take a long time.
  • In July 2017, Tata Capital launched a chatbot powered by VA or a virtual agent engine for answering customers’ queries on its various financial products. The chatbot, within a few weeks, increased customer responses up to six times and 600% rise in lead generation.
  • In February 2019, Tata Capital launched TiA or Tangentia, an intelligent mobile-based voice bot using natural language understanding, speech recognition, and text-to-speech technology to answer queries, simplify the loan process, and get approval in the loan app. 
  • In August 2023, generative AI was introduced into TiA and Chat GPT with a chatbot to enhance customer experience and answer all their queries. 

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