Tata Capital’s unlisted share price

You have come to the right place to learn about the past and future fundraising of Tata Capital Ltd, which will allow you to buy its unlisted share from the top broker and make huge profits. People across India consider Tata shares as gold to invest their savings to get high returns. It is the reason that the Tata Group has around 30 listed companies and more to add to the list. In November 2023, the unlisted Tata Technologies opened spectacularly in the exchanges, raising TCL’s unlisted share price. Also, there are plans to conduct road shows in March to raise 750 million dollars from foreign funds, boosting Tata Capital’s unlisted share price. 

Check out all the details of Tata Capital’s past and future fundraising to invest in its unlisted shares through the best online platform and make windfall profits. 

What has been the past fundraising for Tata Capital Ltd?

After the Bajaj Twins, Tata Capital is the biggest NBFC in India, with a loan book of 18.1 billion dollars. Hence, TCL has raised money from private investors and other means to expand its business in all parts of the country and meet the rising funding costs. The following are its past fundraising efforts to expand its business exponentially. 

  • Tata Sons, the parent company of TCL, has invested Rs. 2,500 crore in 2019 and Rs. 1,000 crore in 2020 to expand its business and loan book.
  • In the financial year 2023, TCL raised Rs. 593.8 crores by issuing 44 million shares with a face value of Rs. 10 and a premium of Rs 125.10 to its existing shareholders on a rights basis.

What is Tata Capital’s future fundraising plan?

TCL plans to invest Rs. 280 billion in foreign funds to fund double-digit growth by issuing NCDs or non-convertible debts. In dollar terms, the fundraising has a valuation of 750 million or 3.38 billion dollars through overseas bonds for diversifying liability base. Tata Capital is choosing dollar-denominated bonds for its fundraising because of expectations of federal interest cuts. In the 2024 two months, SBI Shriram Housing and HDFC Bank have raised over 2.1 billion dollars by issuing foreign bonds. TCL is planning to conduct road shows starting at the end of March to complete its fundraising‌. 


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